We are currently restructuring our organisation, from 2021 RunReading, Goring Gap Run, Wokingham Half Marathon and all new events will be owned and managed by our new company RareAir Events while Racesolutions will continue to manage the consultancy, support and freelance business.

Like most event organisers 2020 wasn’t the best year weve ever had! We did organise the very first half marathon in the country following the lifting of the first lockdown but the highlight of the year was our free to enter Virtual 24 Hour Race. All we asked was that runners donated to the NHS Charities Together fund and the result was 20K in donations. Runners from all round the world took part and it will be back again for 2021 if mass participation events cannot happen.

Green Park Reading 10K – Our relationship with Green Park goes back to 2003 when we we asked them to host Reading Half Marathon. In 2013 we worked with the Green Park management team to develop Reading 10K which has a heavy focus on community and family involvement. Over 1200 children took part in the family races in 2019, with a further 2000+ runners in the 10K.

Mizuno Endure24 – This really is a special event which has participant engagement like no other. The original “Glastonbury for Runners” resembles a music festival rather than a race, opening at 8.00am Friday morning the event does not close until late Sunday afternoon. 10,000 people attend our Reading venue Wasing Park. We added Bramham Park, Leeds in 2017 which coincidentally is also the home of Reading and Leeds Festival. Solo runners cover as much as 140 miles in the 24 hours with teams managing 260 miles.

Wokingham Half Marathon РAquired by Racesolutions in 2018. In common with many road races this lovely race was facing increasing costs and logistical challenges as well as falling numbers due to an increasingly commercial and aggressive mass participation event market. The organisers felt the time had come to pass it on to a professional organisation but were worried this would mean reduced donations to local charities. We worked with the original committee to ensure charity donations were maintained while at the same time increasing participation and using our experience to overcome the logistical issues they were facing. We attracted a record 3500 runners in 2020.

This event was the first half marathon with a UK Athletics permit following the resumption of outdoor events after the first national lockdown. We specifically designed the event to be Covid-19 safe producing a Covid-19 risk assessment and safety plan in order to gain permission from the local authority to go ahead. Outdoor events resumed on the 1st August 2020 and we were able to plan, book and turn the event around in 5 weeks.

Ultra running for beginners! well someone had to do it. Ultra distance races are one of the biggest growth areas in running at the moment. It’s all a little daunting for the first time ultra runner but we know there are a large number of runners wanting to take up the challenge, 750 solo entries into our 24 hour race proves that. We have removed a few of the more difficult aspects of an ultra, so no navigation required, no cut off times, very little climbing, reasonable terrain and a circular route so no issues with pick ups and drop offs. We have added full support and free overnight camping. Goring Gap Ultra takes place on the 16th May 2021.